Class AppointmentDao

    • Constructor Detail

      • AppointmentDao

        public AppointmentDao()
    • Method Detail

      • getHrefsbyCalendar

        public List<String> getHrefsbyCalendar​(Long calId)
        Returns the Appointment HREF's belonging to the Calendar Id specified.
        calId - Calendar to which the Appointments are related to.
        List of Appointment HREF's
      • getbyCalendar

        public List<Appointment> getbyCalendar​(Long calId)
        Returns the Appointments related to the Calendar ID specified.
        calId - Calendar ID of the calendar, to which the appointment is associated
        List of Appointment
      • deletebyCalendar

        public int deletebyCalendar​(Long calId)
        Bulk Deletes the Appointments related the the calId. Note: Does not automatically, commit, but gets cascaded in the function which calls it. If there is a need to commit during this function, use em.flush() and em.clear()
        calId - Calendar Id of the Calendar Id to which the Appointments belong to.
        Returns -1 if the there was an error executing the query, otherwise returns the number of updated rows. as described here Query.executeUpdate()
      • get

        public List<Appointment> get​(String search,
                                     long start,
                                     long count,
                                     String order)
        Description copied from interface: IDataProviderDao
        Get a list of instances of IDataProviderDao
        Specified by:
        get in interface IDataProviderDao<Appointment>
        search - - string search criteria to filter entities
        start - - the start to range to retrieve
        count - - maximum instance count to retrieve
        order - - column and sort order
        list of instances in the range specified