Class Room

    • Constructor Detail

      • Room

        public Room()
    • Method Detail

      • getComment

        public String getComment()
      • setComment

        public void setComment​(String comment)
      • getName

        public String getName()
      • setName

        public void setName​(String name)
      • getTag

        public String getTag()
      • setTag

        public void setTag​(String tag)
      • getId

        public Long getId()
      • setId

        public void setId​(Long id)
      • setType

        public void setType​(Room.Type type)
      • getIspublic

        public boolean getIspublic()
      • setIspublic

        public void setIspublic​(boolean ispublic)
      • getCapacity

        public long getCapacity()
      • setCapacity

        public void setCapacity​(long capacity)
      • isAppointment

        public boolean isAppointment()
      • setAppointment

        public void setAppointment​(boolean appointment)
      • isDemoRoom

        public boolean isDemoRoom()
      • setDemoRoom

        public void setDemoRoom​(boolean demoRoom)
      • getDemoTime

        public Integer getDemoTime()
      • setDemoTime

        public void setDemoTime​(Integer demoTime)
      • isModerated

        public boolean isModerated()
      • setModerated

        public void setModerated​(boolean moderated)
      • isWaitModerator

        public boolean isWaitModerator()
      • setWaitModerator

        public void setWaitModerator​(boolean waitModerator)
      • getExternalId

        public String getExternalId()
      • setExternalId

        public void setExternalId​(String externalId)
      • externalType

        public String externalType()
      • getExternalType

        public String getExternalType()
        External group should be used instead
      • setExternalType

        public void setExternalType​(String externalType)
        External group should be used instead
      • isAllowUserQuestions

        public boolean isAllowUserQuestions()
      • setAllowUserQuestions

        public void setAllowUserQuestions​(boolean allowUserQuestions)
      • isAudioOnly

        public boolean isAudioOnly()
      • setAudioOnly

        public void setAudioOnly​(boolean audioOnly)
      • isClosed

        public boolean isClosed()
      • setClosed

        public void setClosed​(boolean closed)
      • getRedirectURL

        public String getRedirectURL()
      • setRedirectURL

        public void setRedirectURL​(String redirectURL)
      • getOwnerId

        public Long getOwnerId()
      • setOwnerId

        public void setOwnerId​(Long ownerId)
      • isWaitRecording

        public boolean isWaitRecording()
      • setWaitRecording

        public void setWaitRecording​(boolean waitRecording)
      • isAllowRecording

        public boolean isAllowRecording()
      • setAllowRecording

        public void setAllowRecording​(boolean allowRecording)
      • isChatModerated

        public boolean isChatModerated()
      • setChatModerated

        public void setChatModerated​(boolean chatModerated)
      • addGroup

        public void addGroup​(Group g)
      • isChatOpened

        public boolean isChatOpened()
      • setChatOpened

        public void setChatOpened​(boolean chatOpened)
      • isFilesOpened

        public boolean isFilesOpened()
      • setFilesOpened

        public void setFilesOpened​(boolean filesOpened)
      • isSipEnabled

        public boolean isSipEnabled()
      • setSipEnabled

        public void setSipEnabled​(boolean sipEnabled)
      • getConfno

        public String getConfno()
      • setConfno

        public void setConfno​(String confno)
      • getPin

        public String getPin()
      • setPin

        public void setPin​(String pin)
      • isOwner

        public boolean isOwner​(Long userId)