You need minimum version 2.0 of Apache OpenMeetings to apply this guide!

Here is instruction how-to set up red5sip transport integration with OpenMeetings on Ubuntu 10.04.

Setup Asterisk

Run the commands

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install asterisk asterisk-mysql

Ubuntu 10.04 has broken asterisk-mysql version. For other distribution next commands not needed:

aptitude purge asterisk-mysql
cd /tmp
apt-get build-dep asterisk-mysql
apt-get -b source asterisk-mysql
dpkg -i asterisk-mysql_1.6.2.0-1_i386.deb

Enable asterisk mysql realtime module:

Add string

load =>

to the /etc/asterisk/modules.conf into the "modules" section.
Configure mysql realtime module:

Create file /etc/asterisk/res_mysql.conf and add lines:


Add next lines into the /etc/asterisk/extconfig.conf:

sipusers => mysql,general,sipusers
sippeers => mysql,general,sipusers
extensions => mysql,general,extensions
meetme => mysql,general,meetme

Add next lines into the /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf:

switch => Realtime/@

Restart asterisk:

service asterisk restart

Insert, for example, SIP user with name 'test':

INSERT INTO sipusers (allow, context, disallow, host, name, secret) VALUES ('ulaw' , 'rooms', NULL, 'dynamic' , 'test', '12345');


Setup red5sip transport

Download red5sip from

Build with Apache Ant

Install jsvc:

apt-get install jsvc

Insert proper values to the /opt/red5sip/ - red5 server address (
sip.obproxy - asterisk adderss ( - sip phone number (test)
sip.authid - sip auth id (test)
sip.secret - sip password (12345)
sip.realm - sip realm, "asterisk" by default
sip.proxy -
rooms - ids of openmeetings rooms, can be, for example, 2,3,5,6

Add red5sip to autostart:

ln -s /opt/red5sip/ /etc/init.d/red5sip
chmod a+x /etc/init.d/red5sip
update-rc.d /etc/init.d/red5sip defaults

Start openmeetings

service red5 start

Start red5sip

service red5sip start


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