Class User

    • Constructor Detail

      • User

        public User()
    • Method Detail

      • getId

        public Long getId()
      • setId

        public void setId​(Long id)
      • getAddress

        public Address getAddress()
      • setAddress

        public void setAddress​(Address address)
      • setAge

        public void setAge​(LocalDate age)
      • getFirstname

        public String getFirstname()
      • setFirstname

        public User setFirstname​(String firstname)
      • getLastlogin

        public Date getLastlogin()
      • setLastlogin

        public void setLastlogin​(Date lastlogin)
      • getLastname

        public String getLastname()
      • setLastname

        public User setLastname​(String lastname)
      • getDisplayName

        public String getDisplayName()
      • setDisplayName

        public User setDisplayName​(String displayName)
      • resetDisplayName

        public void resetDisplayName()
      • getLogin

        public String getLogin()
      • setLogin

        public void setLogin​(String login)
      • getPassword

        public String getPassword()
      • setPassword

        public void setPassword​(String password)
        For internal use only should not be used directly (for bean usage only)
        password - - password to set
      • getRegdate

        public Date getRegdate()
      • setRegdate

        public void setRegdate​(Date regdate)
      • setSalutation

        public void setSalutation​(User.Salutation salutation)
      • getPictureUri

        public String getPictureUri()
      • setPictureUri

        public void setPictureUri​(String pictureUri)
      • getLanguageId

        public long getLanguageId()
      • setLanguageId

        public void setLanguageId​(long languageId)
      • addGroup

        public void addGroup​(Group g)
      • setGroupUsers

        public void setGroupUsers​(List<GroupUser> groupUsers)
      • getResethash

        public String getResethash()
      • setResethash

        public void setResethash​(String resethash)
      • getResetDate

        public Date getResetDate()
      • setResetDate

        public void setResetDate​(Date resetDate)
      • getActivatehash

        public String getActivatehash()
      • setActivatehash

        public void setActivatehash​(String activatehash)
      • getExternalId

        public String getExternalId()
      • setExternalId

        public void setExternalId​(String externalId)
      • externalType

        public String externalType()
      • getExternalType

        public String getExternalType()
        External group should be used instead
      • setExternalType

        public void setExternalType​(String externalType)
        External group should be used instead
      • setSessionData

        public void setSessionData​(Sessiondata sessionData)
      • getTimeZoneId

        public String getTimeZoneId()
      • setTimeZoneId

        public void setTimeZoneId​(String timeZoneId)
      • getUserOffers

        public String getUserOffers()
      • setUserOffers

        public void setUserOffers​(String userOffers)
      • getUserSearchs

        public String getUserSearchs()
      • setUserSearchs

        public void setUserSearchs​(String userSearchs)
      • isShowContactData

        public boolean isShowContactData()
      • setShowContactData

        public void setShowContactData​(boolean showContactData)
      • isShowContactDataToContacts

        public boolean isShowContactDataToContacts()
      • setShowContactDataToContacts

        public void setShowContactDataToContacts​(boolean showContactDataToContacts)
      • setType

        public void setType​(User.Type type)
      • getOwnerId

        public Long getOwnerId()
      • setOwnerId

        public void setOwnerId​(Long ownerId)
      • getDomainId

        public Long getDomainId()
      • setDomainId

        public void setDomainId​(Long domainId)