In Administration > Configuration there are a number of configuration values.

key default meaning availabe since OpenMeetings version org.apache.openmeetings.util.crypt.SCryptImplementation This Class is used for Authentification-Crypting. Be carefull what you do here! If you change it while running previous Pass of users will not be workign anymore! for more Information see 1.9.x
allow.frontend.register true Is user register available on login screen 1.8.x
allow.soap.register true Is user register available via SOAP/REST 3.0.x
allow.oauth.register true Is user register available via OAuth 3.0.x 1 1.8.x
mail.smtp.server localhost this is the smtp server to send messages 1.9.x
mail.smtp.port 25 this is the smtp server port normally 25 1.9.x all send e-mails by the system will have this address 1.9.x
mail.smtp.user System auth email username 1.9.x
mail.smtp.pass System auth email password 1.9.x
mail.smtp.starttls.enable false Enable TLS 1.9.x
mail.smtp.connection.timeout 30000 Socket connection timeout value in milliseconds. Default is 30 seconds (30000). 1.9.x
mail.smtp.timeout 30000 Socket I/O timeout value in milliseconds. Default is 30 seconds (30000). 1.9.x OpenMeetings Name of the Browser Title window 3.0.x 1 Default System Language ID see languages.xml 1.8.x
document.dpi 150 dpi for conversion of PDF to images (should be an integer between 50 and 600 with a default value of 150 dpi) 2.0.x
document.quality 90 compression quality for conversion of PDF to images (should be an integer between 1 and 100, with a default value of 90) 2.0.x
path.imagemagick Path to ImageMagick tools 2.0.x
path.sox Path To SoX-Tools 2.0.x
path.ffmpeg Path To FFMPEG 2.0.x The path to OpenOffice/LibreOffice (optional) please set this to the real path in case jodconverter is unable to find OpenOffice/LibreOffice installation automatically 2.0.x
dashboard.rss.feed1 Feed URL 1 1.9.x
dashboard.rss.feed2 Feed URL 2 1.9.x false User get a EMail with their Account data. 2.0.x false User must activate their account by clicking on the activation-link in the registering Email It makes no sense to make this( 'true' while is 'false' cause you need to send a EMail. 2.0.x
application.base.url http://localhost:5080/openmeetings/ Base URL your OPenmeetings installation will be accessible at. 3.0.2
sip.enable false Enable to enable the red5SIP integration 1.9.x 400 Numerical prefix for OM rooms created inside the SIP 1.9.x
sip.exten.context rooms Enable to enable the red5SIP integration 1.9.x
default.timezone Europe/Berlin This is the default timezone if nothing is specified 1.9.x
screensharing.default.quality 1 Default selection in ScreenSharing Quality: 0 - bigger frame rate, no resize 1 - no resize 2 - size == 1/2 of selected area 3 - size == 3/8 of selected area 3.0.3
screensharing.default.fps 10 Default selection in ScreenSharing FPS 3.0.3 true Is screensharing FPS should be displayed or not 3.0.3
screensharing.allow.remote true Is remote control will be enabled while screensharing. Allowing remote control will be not possible in case it is set to 'false' 3.0.4 true Show 'My Rooms' widget on dashboard 1.9.x true Show 'Global Chat' outside the room 1.9.x false Show RSS widget on dashboard 1.9.x
max.upload.size 104857600 Maximum size of upload file (bytes) 1.8.x
number.minutes.reminder.send 15 The number of minutes before reminder emails are send. Set to 0 to disable reminder emails 1.9.x
user.login.minimum.length 4 Number of chars needed in a user login 1.9.x
user.pass.minimum.length 8 Number of chars needed in a user password 1.9.x
calendar.conference.rooms.default.size 50 Default number of participants conference room created via calendar 1.9.x
video.arrange.keycode 119 A hot key code for arrange video windows functionality. Should be used with Shift key. (Keycode 119 is F8) 2.0.x 123 A hot key code for the 'give exclusive audio' functionality. Should be used with Shift key. (Keycode 123 is F12) 2.0.x
mute.keycode 118 A hot key code for the 'mute/unmute audio' functionality. Should be used with Shift key. (Keycode 118 is F7) 2.0.x 0 Ldap domain selected by default in the login screen 1.9.x true Set inviter's email address as ReplyTo in email invitations 2.0.x user/dashboard Area to be shown to the user after login. Possible values are: user/dashboard, user/calendar, user/record, rooms/my, rooms/group, rooms/public, admin/user, admin/connection, admin/group, admin/room, admin/config, admin/lang, admin/ldap, admin/backup, admin/server, admin/oauth2 2.1.x
oauth2.ignore.bad.ssl false Set "yes" or "no" to enable/disable ssl certifications checking for OAuth2 3.0.x
redirect.url.for.external.users Users entered the room via invitationHash or secureHash will be redirected to this URL on connection lost 3.0.x Code for Google Analytics 3.1.0 false Wether it should try to connect to rtmps first or not 4.0.0 none The setting for the NetConnection default settings is 'none' set to value 'best' if you are trying to use rtmp over native SSL 4.0.0 h263 Camera codecType, possible values: 'h263', 'h264' 4.0.0 30 Camera FPS, should be positive number in range (0, 60] 4.0.0 0 An integer that specifies the maximum amount of bandwidth that the current outgoing video feed can use, in bytes per second. To specify that Flash video can use as much bandwidth as needed to maintain the value of frameQuality, pass 0 for bandwidth. 4.0.0 90 An integer that specifies the required level of picture quality, as determined by the amount of compression being applied to each video frame. Acceptable values range from 1 (lowest quality, maximum compression) to 100 (highest quality, no compression). To specify that picture quality can vary as needed to avoid exceeding bandwidth, pass 0 for quality. 4.0.0
flash.mic.rate 22 The rate at which the microphone should capture sound, in kHz. Acceptable values are 5, 8, 11, 22, and 44. The default value is 22 kHz if your sound capture device supports this value. 4.0.0
flash.echoPath 128 Specifies the echo path length (in milliseconds). A longer echo path means better echo cancellation but also introduces longer delays and requires more processing power. The default value is 128; the only other possible value is 256. To disable AEC please specify 0. 4.0.0
header.x.frame.options SAMEORIGIN Value for 'X-Frame-Options' header (default: DENY), more info: 3.3.0 default-src 'self'; style-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline'; script-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline' 'unsafe-eval'; img-src 'self' data:; Value for 'Content-Security-Policy' header (default: default-src 'self'; style-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline'; script-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline' 'unsafe-eval'; img-src 'self' data:;), have to be modified to enable Google analytics site: 3.3.0
external.process.ttl 20 Time to live in minutes for external processes such as conversion via ffmpeg (default 20 minutes) 3.3.0
personal.rooms.enabled true Users are allowed to create personal rooms 3.3.2
reminder.message Reminder message to notify about upcoming appointment, generated message will be used if not set 2.0.x 22050 Audio sampling rate (in Hz) for MP4 video 4.0.1 32k Audio bitrate for MP4 video 4.0.1
rest.allow.origin List of addresses browser Ajax REST requests are allowed from 4.0.2
user.fname.minimum.length 4 Number of chars needed in a user first name 4.0.4
user.lname.minimum.length 4 Number of chars needed in a user last name 4.0.4
chat.send.on.enter false Controls if chat message will be set on Enter (default: send on Ctrl+Enter) 4.0.5 medium Preset (encoder optimization settings) to be used while performing mp4 conversion.Valid values are: ultrafast, superfast, veryfast, faster, fast, medium, slow, slower, veryslow 4.0.5 false Is user will be able to edit his/her display name (default false). 4.0.7