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OpenMeetings Installation

To update from past versions or migrate see Upgrade.
If you are looking for commercial help have a look at commercial support.

Installation in 3 simple steps

Note: OpenMeetings requires SUN/Oracle JRE 6, not openJDK!
Since Version 2.0 you can also install OpenMeetings from command line. Just cd to the unpacked archive and type ./admin.sh or admin.bat, please see Command Line Admin for more options

  1. Recommendation for production environment
    By default OpenMeetings uses the integrated Apache Derby database. For production environment you should consider using MySQL , Postgres , or for example IBM DB2 , or Oracle , or MSSQL
  2. Enabling Image Upload and import to whiteboard
    Install ImageMagick on the server, you can get more information on http://www.imagemagick.org regarding installation. The instructions for installation can be found there http://www.imagemagick.org/script/binary-releases.php , however on most Linux systems you can get it via your favorite package managers (apt-get it)
  3. Enabling import of PDFs into whiteboard
    • Install GhostScript on the server, you can get more information on http://www.ghostscript.com/download/gsdnld.html regarding installation. The instructions for installation can be found there, however on most Linux systems you can get it via your favorite package managers (apt-get it).
    • Install SWFTools on the server, you can get more information on http://www.swftools.org/ regarding installation. Some of the Linux distributions already have it in there package manager (see http://packages.debian.org/unstable/utils/swftools ), the recommended version of SWFTools is 0.9 as prior version have a bug that does lead to wrong object dimensions at whiteboard
  4. Enabling import of .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, ... all Office Documents into whitebaord
    • JODConverter installed (needed since v2.x)
    • OpenOffice or Libre Office Installed
    Since Version 2.x of OpenMeetings it is no more required to start OpenOffice (or Libreoffice) service, see OpenOfficeConverter for details
  5. Enabling Recording and import of .avi, .flv, .mov and .mp4 into whiteboard
    • Install FFMpeg (with -enabled libmp3lame and libx264 options) . You should get FFMPEG in an up to date copy! OpenMeetings is tested with FFMPEG Version 10.3 and latest build from GIT For Windows you can download a Build for example from http://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/ Linux or OSx Users should be able to use one of the various Installation Instructions on the Web. You need to enable libmp3lame and libx264!
    • Install SoX http://sox.sourceforge.net/ . You should install SoX in a up to date copy! SoX 12.xx will NOT work!

Ports, NAT Settings, Customize

See PortSettings


Hardware Requirements
  • Minimalistic requirement (without Document Converters, Recorder and Upload feature) 1GHz CPU 1 GB RAM ( server-side )
  • Recommended requirement 2x/4x 2GHz ++ CPU (32 or 64Bit) 4GB RAM. If you have a 64Bit Operating System check if there is a OpenOffice 64Bit Version available for your OS ( server-side )
  • Headset/Microphone recommendation: Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless, for example from Amazon or EBay Auctions ( cient-side ). See all recommendations for cameras, headsets and speakerphones.

Debian, Links, Changelog, VoIP

Tips and Tricks
  • Use the Debug-Application: Enter in your browser http://$RED-HOST:$RED5-PORT/openmeetings/?swf=maindebug.as3.swf11.swf for example http://localhost:5080/openmeetings/?swf=maindebug.as3.swf11.swf
  • If you have Problems with conversion-jobs check your Red5-Log output. There will be error Messages which help you. You must install OpenOffice, ImageMagick, GhostScript and SWFTools to run all conversion-Jobs correctly.
  • if you have problems in converting Files check the Batch-Scripts in $OPENMEETINGS_HOME/jod
  • If you want to use red5 as a service (without red5.bat), you need to move red5\wrapper\wrapper.exe to red5\wrapper.exe. Then change some path in conf\wrapper.conf (like ..\lib\foo.jar to lib\foo.jar). And finally change the register key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Red5\ImagePath to point to the new wrapper.
  • you can query a Mysql Database to get the schema_collection by using this query:
    SELECT Table_name, TABLE_COLLATION FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema = 'openmeetings' ORDER BY table_name DESC

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