How do I contribute, give feedback, fix bugs and so on?

The Apache OpenMeetings project really needs and appreciates any contributions, including documentation help, source code and feedback. Suggested changes should come in the form of source code and/or very detailed and constructive feedback.

  • Discussion occurs on the OpenMeetings mailing lists
  • Information on access to the project source code is available here .
  • Bugs and other issues can be posted on the project JIRA ( sign up ).
  • Additional documentation and discussion can be contributed to the project Wiki ( sign up ).

Which tasks could I potentially work on?

No matter if you want to share your experiences, improve documentation, localization, code Java , ActionScript or PHP, there are dozens of areas where you can find task to work on and share with others.

We tried to collect a list of ideas in our wiki:

How do I become a committer?

If you're interested in committing to the project: