Nightly Builds

You can find Nightly Builds of the software at:

How to Build a Distribution

To build a binary release of OpenMeetings you need:

Get the source:

svn checkout

Run the command:

mvn clean install 

Run, Develop, Test

To develop Openmeetings you need to import maven project into Eclipse Import OM into Eclipse

Tips and Gotchas

To compile only client you can run following command:

mvn install -pl openmeetings-flash               # compiles a complete package into the folder openmeetings-flash/target


In case you would like to develop Openmeetings you need to run "unpacked" build:

mvn clean install -Dunpacked=true -Dmaven.test.skip=true -Dold-backups.dwnd.skip=true -Ddb=mysql -Dwicket.mode=DEVELOPMENT


After modifications are made you can run "quick" build:

mvn install -pl openmeetings-web -pl openmeetings-server -Dquick=true -Ddb=mysql -Dwicket.mode=DEVELOPMENT


Any number of projects can be specified during build:

mvn install -pl openmeetings-util -pl openmeetings-db -pl openmeetings-core -pl openmeetings-install -pl openmeetings-service -pl openmeetings-web -pl openmeetings-server -pl openmeetings-webservice -Dquick=true -Ddb=mysql -Dwicket.mode=DEVELOPMENT


Working behind a proxy: If you are sitting behind a proxy you should add some proxy settings before starting the build process.
For SVN Command Line Client (From CollabNet 1.7) see: