Configuration of Custom Crypt-Style

You can use custom Crypt-Types, but you should decide during installation which Type of encryption you want to use. By default two type are available:

  • org.xmlcrm.utils.crypt.MD5Implementation - this uses common MD5 Crypt like PHP does, this is the default one (results in something like: fe01ce2a7fbac8fafaed7c982a04e229)
  • org.xmlcrm.utils.crypt.MD5CryptImplementation - does use BSD-Style of encryption using a salt (results in something like: $1$GMsj7F2I$5S3r9CeukXGXNwf6b4sph1)

You can edit the config-key during Installation or later in the Administration Panel. But if you change it using the Administration-Panel previous passwords might be not working anymore as they are encrypted with another algorithm.

Configuration of Custom Crypt-Style

To add your own crypt style you need to write a class which implements the interface: org.xmlcrm.utils.cryptCryptString
and extends the Adapter: org.xmlcrm.utils.CryptStringAdapter
Example of an Implementation:

package org.xmlcrm.utils.crypt;


public class MD5Implementation extends CryptStringAdapter implements CryptString {
    public String createPassPhrase(String userGivenPass) {
        String passPhrase = null;
        try {
            passPhrase = MD5.do_checksum(userGivenPass);
        } catch (NoSuchAlgorithmException e) {
        return passPhrase;
    public Boolean verifyPassword(String passGiven, String passwdFromDb) {
        return (passwdFromDb.equals(createPassPhrase(passGiven)));


To add your own Encryption-Class you need to add your class to the OpenMeetings-Webapp (make it available to the webapp-classpath) and use your custom-class-name instead of org.xmlcrm.utils.crypt.MD5Implementation during the Installation or at runtime by editing the config-key crypt_ClassName

Configuration of Custom Crypt-Style

credits goto Mika for sharing his Implementation of the MD5Crypt-Style