Each room has a number of attributes to generate different layouts. You can change those values individually for each room in Administration > Rooms

key default meaning availabe since OpenMeetings version
hideTopBar false Hide the top bar with the menus and exit button 2.x
hideChat false Hide the chat tab and use space for whiteboard 2.x
hideActivitiesAndActions false Hide the activities window with the notofications aber user activities 2.x
hideFilesExplorer false Hide the file explorer 2.x
hideActionsMenu false Hide the menu with the actions 2.x
hideScreenSharing false Hide the button to start screensharing/recording 2.x
hideWhiteboard false Hide the whiteboard, if this option is true, the videos will be in the area of the whiteboard 2.x
showMicrophoneStatus false Show the current status of the microphone (off/on) on the bottom of each video view 2.x
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