The plugin enables integration of Apache OpenMeetings Incubating conference rooms in the popular e-learning LMS Moodle (

Add virtual conference rooms to courses Moodle organizes learning units in courses. The plugin enables teachers/course moderators of Moodle to add new conference rooms to courses.

Single sign-on and Role-based access control When the user enters the conference room via Moodle he does not need to re-login again. The plugin also transfers the role from Moodle to the conference room so that a teacher, admin or course moderator is automatically a moderator in the conference room.

Enhancements for teachers and workgroups In the plugin configuration you can choose if students that access the conference room need to wait till a teacher enters the room or can directly start.

Integration of recordings Instead of conference rooms you can also integrate conference recordings in Moodle. A recording can be any past conference session that you’ve recorded with OpenMeetings. Students can then watch the recording streamed from the server. Additionally teachers, course moderators and admins can download it.

Installation and documentation can be found at:

Downloads of sources and binaries are available from the mirrors:

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